Sunday, April 1, 2018


So exciting!
Lacey and her Mom the morning of Kai's birth.

Lacey's 4th baby boy...
Sweet as can be
Mommy and Kai

Danny's Boy
Kai looks so much like his Daddy

Lesjak ears... can't be denied!!

This is so precious to me!
I've watch Danny become a step-Daddy to Lacey's 
children over the last year and a half~  He shows so much
love to her children!  I alway knew he would make a good
father one day.  I'm very proud of the man he has become.

Kai Marley

Daddy and Kai bonding~

Kai meets his Grandma Yvette~
So special will their bond be!

Danny, Lacey and Maddi~
Maddi is just so full of love for her family.  She is 13 and just the
sweetest girl!

This is LOVE!

Maddi and Kai

I've been keeping busy painting Kai's Fox ~

...It is a work in progress~ wait for it!

I have painted two other but just not happy with them!

I'll get it done before I head to meet my little Fox!

Friday, March 30, 2018

Kyanite Marley Lesjak

Danny and Lacey welcomed sweet little
Kai Marley
into the world on Tuesday, March 27, 2018!

He is my FOX
The name Yugoslavian name Lesjak means FOX!

He weighed in at 7lbs 8ozs and he was 19 & 3/4 inches long.
Kai was born via planned C-Section at 3:08 p.m. Colorado time!

This sweet boy celebrates his birthday one day before his Daddy Dan!

We are beyond thrilled and can't wait to meet our newest gem!
It will be a fun visit as we'll also be able to see Tegan, Kelley and Laylabug!

We also can't wait to see Maddi, Ocean, River and Forest!

Can you just imagine the fun we will have all together?
There will be pictures...
no worries!

Monday, November 13, 2017

Layla Goes to DISNEY WORLD! 2016 Part 2

Oh boy, my Layla loves to have her face painted!

Beautiful Princess!

Driving in the fast lane!


Kelley loved it!

Outside her castle!

My prince... waiting for the parade!

Chip and Dale!

Dancing with Baloo!

High Five!

Oh what a day!

Bus rides together were pretty fun too!

In her own little world!

Lego Land

I love this picture and the memories it brings!

Off to the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique!

Layla was so excited!
Her Fairy Godmother asked her which
dress she wanted to where...
Layla answered
"Anna's Corranation Dress, Please!"

We then were escorted into a dressing room where there was a
Magic Mirror.

Fairy Godmother tapped the mirror...
and like Magic another
Godmother appeared!

She spoke so sweetly to Layla.  
Layla smiled as she watch and listened
to her Godmother!

Fairy Godmother said she knew just which dress
Layla wanted and she said a magic spell!

She snapper her fingers and...

Layla's beautiful dress appeared!

There were even shoes, a crown and a purse!

Oh my, our Princess Layla looked lovely!
Does the shoe fit Mommy?
Why, yes it does!

It was magical...
leaving Meme and Mommy in tears!

Now we waited to be called to have hair and make up done!
Layla danced around, waving her wand and singing!

Time to get beautified!

Our Princess went with some color streaks
in her locks!

"Thank You Fairy Godmother!  I LOVE IT"

Then Layla was in the Princess Parade!

Dreams Do Come True!

The parade ends with a ride on the Carousel!


Pop'ay get a kiss from his precious Princess!

He is her second favorite Prince, after all!

Layla's Papa is her number one guy... she just loves her

We ended our night with Dinner at 
Cinderella's Castle!
Cinderella was so excited to meet our Layla!

Snow White said she had heard she was coming and
could hardly wait to see her!

Sleeping Beauty asked if Layla would take a
photo just with her!

"Of course I will"

Ariel showed Layla the perfect way to pose!

Jasmine told Layla she loved her hair...

Then Layla showed Jasmine the perfect way to pose!

TIME for desert!!

It was a magical night!