Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Rehearsal... Love is in the air!

My nephew Kevin and his beautiful bride to be, Amanda~
Kelley and Layla walking to the venue~
A beautiful park like setting~

The groom and his parents, Mike and Sue meet with the minister.
Sarah, Layla and Molly~
Sarah was a junior bridesmaid and
Layla was a flower girl!
Molly was invited to join us for the rehearsal dinner!
I was invited to take some pictures!
The bride gives some directions!
The groom chimes in too!

Beckie and Molly~
all smiles!!

The girls practice...

The father of the bride~

They  practice the hand off!

My little pirate~
Layla loves to give me this face!

My beautiful Sarah Rosie~

Beckie had them eating out of her hand while the adults
worked out all the details!

Sue with her soon to be Daughter in Law!

Natives getting restless~

Rehearsal dinner at Mike and Sue's house~
Molly DID BRING her swimsuit!

The Bridal Party!


What an exciting night!

My Kelley and Amanda~

Tim on pool duty!

The bride and her Mom, Kim!

Amanda with her Mom and Dad

Kevin and Danny!

Layla wants glasses!

Kevin and his Mom, Sue!


Time to share some gifts!

Sarah and Amanda~

A special gift for Mike!

One for Jim, Amanda's dad too!
So sweet!

Lots of love going around~
Beckie and Tim
looking cute for my camera!

Wedding tomorrow...