Monday, November 2, 2015


Dave and I traveled to Van Wert this year!
I was able to do Mya and Cayden's Halloween make up!  Cayden was a Muscle Pirate!!
He said he looked like Uncle Tegan and we all agreed!! Ha!
Mya was a beautiful witch!

We went into town on Saturday to Trick Or Treat at the businesses on Main Street!

It was a bit cold!
A lady from Van Wert makes these crazy creature costumes and they stand around taking photos with the children!  Mya wasn't a bit afraid of these creatures!!

Cayden was more cautious but then he jumped in for pictures too!

My Laylabug was excited for Halloween too!
Layla was SPIDER GIRL!  Isn't she darling!
Posing so pretty... Ready to save the world!
In Wakeman,  Molly dressed in a costume that make her look so exotic!  Look at those big brown eyes!!
Julia, soccerplayer and Sarah, fifties girl with Molly... All looking so cute! 
Beckie & Tim... Happy newlyweds!

In other news... Sarah did gave me a lesson on her clarinet!  I could not get a sound out until she corrected my mouth and lips...

I did finally get a little sound out... It is NOT easy to learn Clarinet!!  Mad props to my Rosie, who has picked it up so easily!!

Saturday, October 10, 2015


Sunshine... Layla Lynn

This morning we had a little tea party!

So much fun!

We went to Canyon View Park to picnic, play and watch the air show!  After lunch Layla fed the ducks.
She played all afternoon at this fabulous playground...she said "My Dramna brings me here too!"

It has a crazy fun zip line!

We had so much fun!  Then we took a nap!

Friday, October 9, 2015


Layla loved chatting with Mya today!!  They are both excited to think they will be in kindergarten next year!!

Grand Junction!

It is home to my tiniest Gem...

It is where my son Tegan and my daughter in law Kelley call HOME!
I enjoyed visiting West Star Aviation and seeing the  new huge hanger they've added where Tegan works painting the bigger private jets.  The air show is coming this weekend so the Thunderbirds came in early to practice!

What a day it's been...

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Friday, September 11, 2015


Tegan made it official ....

And the he did a great job officiating the marriage!

Each of the children read a little something special~
about FAMILY and Molly wrote her own little something

Beckie and her girls sharing a moment ...

Then Tim and Beckie said their vows~

Rings exchanged~

"Son, you may kiss your bride!"

The Kiss

Mr & Mrs Timothy Church

The new FAMILY~

Beckie saying Thank you to Tegan!

Beckie and her FAB FOUR!

We all gathered for a family photo then realized the FAB FOUR were
missing... we found then in line for food already!  Ha!
We all had a laugh!

Their song was I CHOOSE YOU~
Kelley made all the cupcakes and the cake!
She did a great job!

The FAMILY WALL was decorated with pictures!

Beckie and Tim cutting the cake!

I caught Sarah with a big smile!
My girl!

The first dance to I CHOOSE YOU~

Everybody gets to dancing!


My wish is that these 3 SISTERS share a lifetime of 
fun together too!
Julia, Sarah and Molly~