Thursday, September 13, 2012


I am pretty sure that I might be the only one
who still calls a sleepover a "Yeepover"!
Sarah and Molly were here on Monday and decided to 
prepare the kids room for the big weekend~

They raided the closet and found a box of old, old treasures
and began to "decorate" their beds!
That blue thing there is Dave's boyscout banner from
about 40 years ago!
They found the crib bumpers, Bella's pad for her crate, blankets, hats 
Tegan's huge gorilla from Murts camp's truck stop!
Who remembers this guy?
I remember he was nearly as big as Tegan when we brought him
home!  Does anyone know his name?

Gearing up for the big yeepover weekend!
We even have plans to see a real one of these at the ZOO!