Thursday, September 3, 2009

"Camping" with Roxi!

Sarah, Molly and I went to Pa to visit with Roxi this past Saturday.  We stayed till Monday and we just had the best time.  Roxi got to practice her grand mothering skills, though, No One is pregnant, YET!  She did call both her children and tell them she is ready and willing when they are ready!!  It won't be long, but in the meantime, Roxi enjoyed sharing my gems with me!  Sarah announced right away as we started our first hike, that she and Roxi were PARTNERS.   They had to do everything, and I do mean everything together and Molly was my partner.  We all stayed in the Bunk House... I told you before it's like a 5 star hotel!!  My girls and I stayed in the Black Bear room and Roxi stayed in the Moose room!

Here the girls call their beds!  Mine is a double in the same room just opposite of them!  It was fun to be all together in one room!

Sarah and her partner Roxi... off on a hike!  The split tree where everyone takes a picture to hang on Roxi's bulletin board is where we stopped to put our faces thru...Meme, Molly, and Sarah!  Molly, Sarah and Roxi looking at the waterfall.  Molly and Sarah sitting on the "froggy rock"!
Treasured were found.
New territory explored!

Friends were made... big and small,

From this little red one to Sugar the beagle...
and Kramer, the cat on a rope... who ran and hid under a shed from two overly affectionate little girls!

Sleepy nap time at the cottage girls...
Queen of the tree stump girls...
Dancing girls...
Hole digging girls... 
High flying girls...
and swinging girls!

There was a girl who loves all animals, big or small, who found a little frog and she squealed with delight... "Can I keep him, PLEASE?"

Meme said "His Mama will miss him if you keep him"

Sarah looked right into the little froggys eyes and said :

"I will be your family now.  I will take good, good care of you, don't worry little guy.  I will be here with you."

 So...Roxi got an old pitcher to put him in and Sarah got to keep him for a little while.  When it was time to let him go, we assured her he would look for her again when she visits camp so...

A little girl sadly let her frog go and cried.

But no worries... the girl still had "Fuzzy" to love!

So we had lots of fun and some tears.  Not just from Sarah.  

I fell down some stairs on one day and cried.

We walked down the road, the next day, Molly having a ride on my shoulders and she fell from my shoulders to the ground.  Molly really cried...

and Meme cried again too.  Sometimes things just happen in such a way that accidents can't be avoided.  We were lucky this was not worse, and though her little head took a beating, she was ok.  It was the longest 2 seconds of my life and I felt so helpless.  After calling Mommy and watching her for the night... we were all back to our happy selfs!

My daughter Beckie, their mommy, is always the first one to let them try new things, some things that make me a nervous nelly!  I was like her with my own kids but it is so different when it is your grand children.  I am always overly cautious and worried for their safety.  Maybe it's because they belong to some one else, maybe because they are so little or maybe its just because they are so very valuable to my heart.  On a side note... their Daddy, Don, says I can only see them under supervision!!! By the way... Roxi does not count as supervision!  Oh, he's a funny one!

You Capture ~ Old Signs!

This week's capture challenge is Old Signs.  I found a few in Pa over the weekend!  Check them out...

Love this one.  It is on the road to camp, a gravel, narrow road with camp cottages on either side.  The residents decided years ago that 20 was just way to fast so they re-painted their sign!  Isn't that the funniest thing you have ever seen??

This gate hods a sign made of metal above it that reads... PLEASE GO AWAY.  This is a man's home but by the looks of it you would assume it's a store.  The front is littered with items one might want to purchase.  It is sort of a trap.  He waits for you to get out of your car to check it out and he comes out yelling to get off his property.  It's the darnest thing, I tell you!

Here is his front door.  Very BEWITCHING!

This is a sign also in front of the geezers home.  Watch it... he might kill you himself!

Who doesn't like Hershey's Ice Cream?  No, we were not in Hershey Pa.... wish we were though!!

More sign of olden days can be found here!