Thursday, September 25, 2008

A visit to Amish Country!


Amish...There is something so calming about these people. Life just seems to move at a different pace for them...I could not last for more than one day out in the country!! We went to gift shop after gift shop, made some purchases and ATE some purchases! (Click on pictures to enlarge--then back arrow)

Carole drove like a champ, she took shortcuts she never took before and helped us hit all the best shops! Roxi was co-pilot anchor woman...not a role she is known to be good at...BUT she did a fabulous job finding street signs along the way!! Marlene worried endlessly about the "poor little sad, how lonely, how pathetic to be tied up, how they couldn't see with the blinders on their eyes, how they couldn't sit down"...WHAT??? Oh Mar...we love you but Focus...really Focus!!

Oh but my favorite part...the Alpaca farm we stopped at on the way home!! Aren't they just adorable?? You can purchase one of these sweet babies...well 2 since they only sell in pairs for a mere $30,000!!! How marvelous! They were very interested in my camera... I think he is thinking...What are you looking ???

One side note...Amish country was not for to leave him home next time! Thanks friends for asking us to go...I had a great time!