Monday, October 24, 2016

Colorado's Calling Me...

Every October, my heart knows where it wants to be...

Layla Lynn knows its her Meme time too!

The action starts the minute I land!
This year, we took a 2 hour drive to Moab Utah to visit the 

Hiking was never so beautiful!

Company so great!

Layla loves the red, red sand!

Little girl... big rock!

The rocks have eyes!

Crazy how it is suspended in air!

Can you spy Meme, the chicken, who would not climb any higher?

Layla stayed and played with Meme!

Balance Rock
We had a great hike and a nice lunch afterwards!
Mark, Tegan's boss~and good friend came along with us.  Its
always nice to spend time with Mark.  He was one of the first friends 
Tegan met when he moved to Grand Junction~ Mark and his wife Lisa
invited him to holiday dinners, and family outings~ which meant
so much to me back home in Ohio!