Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fabulous Fourth Of July!

We had a great time at Dennis and Meigs home on the lake!!  Matt put together ANOTHER great fireworks show for all of us.  The firework display rivals the one the city puts on!  Meig is in the picture above discussing  a favorite wine with Terry!!!
Dagmara, Sarah, Dan, Ella, and Kevin sit on the dock enjoying the view up!
Beckie & the girls, Dave & Molly, Larry, Bob & Dave, Molly, Bob & Kileigh, Don & Beckie, Sarah (ohhhhhh-ahhhhhh) Don & Sarah... all enjoy the fireworks!

Molly & Danny at the fence... Grebbie & her man Ty...Danny, Ethan, Ryan, & Alli... Nick & Reese!
Remember the thrill of THIS?  I do ... my Dad would spin me so fast it was hard to walk without falling down when he stopped!!  Uncle Dan is the Man for the job here.  The girls just kept begging for more!!!

Heard from Tegan and Kelley that they watched fireworks from the roof of their new townhouse in Colorado.  Thought of them often last night!

Thanks Meigan & Dennis.... It was a BLAST!