Saturday, March 29, 2014

Modeling Friendship...

My Sarah and Molly are great friendship 
Here they model with Julia~ in the middle looking
lovely in PINK!  

Julia's Dad, Tim is dating their Mom, Beckie!

The girls and Julia's brother, Mason have all been
friends for the last 3 years.  
Just look at my girls~
We all went shopping and they wanted to get
Look A Like outfits!

Molly can really strike a pose, can't she?
The hats, sunglasses and puppies/kitten
complete their look!
And a little 
I just love these three together!

Julia and Sarah
Look alike, talk alike, walk alike~
They love to pretend they are twins!

I am hoping their friendship keeps growing~

The have so much fun together!

Best Buds!

We planned for a fun Florida vacation but have recently
found out that the girls school district is canceling the vacation to 
make up for all the snow days we have had here in Ohio.

So many teachers have plans for trips, and there are not enough subs to fill all
positions so Beckie may not be able to take the time off.  Lots of teachers have
plane tickets and hotels expenses so they are being called "First Tier".  Because
Beckie was driving and staying with us, she is "Second Tier". 

 We will
find out next week if its a GO or NO. 

Kids are permitted to miss school as long as they had plans made and will have to make up all
the work from the school week.

Pray it's~    GO!

Bri, Cayden, Mya and I would miss them so much!
Fingers crossed
Toes too!