Sunday, December 28, 2008


I was just dreading this day...It was just so fun to have Kelley and Tegan here together! We had such a great visit and I really could not be happier for Tegan. He is so changed, so content and settled. We took some engagement pictures and they ordered for yours...Kelley is so excited to plan her wedding for 2010! Possibly June, she says! Tegan just kept saying, every chance he got, "See Mom, didn't I tell you this one is special...isn't she so cute?" He was right! Dave and I really enjoyed every minute! It was sad to see them go this morning. The flights home (3) were easy than the ones on the way here. The made it home to Grand Junction by 8:30 (our time) after starting out at 5 am. Long day for the two of them! I hope Kelley had fun and enjoyed meeting every one who loves Tegan!! Now I look forward to meeting Kelleys' family!

Check out Papa having some fun with Cayden! Sarah gives Uncle Tegan a big hug...she says he is still the BEST!!