Thursday, June 4, 2015

School Activities~

Our Cayden's school program was so cute!  He was proud that Meme and Papa
could be there!
He is getting advise from this little friend...

A Pirate wink for Meme!
I love this kid!

Take a bow!

Then it was Molly and Sarah's dance recital!
Tumbling for Molly!
Hip Hop for Rosie!

A few of the girls that melt Papa's heart!

Proud Mommy!

Sarah and her group~
just so full of SASS!

Bravo ....
Papa says "Great job!" with flowers!

Besides school programs...
this guy had a birthday!
Singing away...

Making a big wish...

Did he wish for this...
I think he just might have...
 We bought a new house!