Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Pilates studio~

Beth Lafarciola opened a new pilates studio!  Beth amazes me with her talents, not only at being an excellent pilates instructor but she certainly has a flair for making a space warm and inviting!  Her last studio was also very inviting but it was time for a change and she made a big one!
Just look...

Dave enjoying the lobby as he waits to begin our workout!

Love this quote~
Beth and Dennis enjoy a laugh after our workout!  Dave and I, along with Dennis and Meigan had "Duet" class together!  Every Wednesday at 4:30~ so fun to be together!
Thanks Beth!  You really are great at what you do~ keep up the great work!  And just remember, even when I text how sore I am~~~ I really, really mean " I love you"!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

l love you Mem~

Just something this guy said to me about 50 times while he was here visiting~

Monday, September 26, 2011

Busy Lives

Things are happening in their little lives...

Molly continues with violin lessons!


Cayden loves to hunt with his Daddy!

Papa took him shopping for his first camo hunting gear!

He loved it!  Thanks Papa!

Danny found a peaceful place in Breckinridge to relax after a long hike!

 I am missing this guy~

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Model in the making?

Who doesn't think their child or grandchild is cute enough to be a model?
I think Molly really could be one!! No, I am not kidding~
I love to take pictures... everybody knows that. Do I know what I am doing with the camera, no not really, but I enjoy aiming and shooting.
I take the camera everywhere. My gems know I will be taking their picture. Some try and smile, some look away, and some even put their hand up~ saying "talk to the hand"!!
But not my Molly Carolyn.
She "poses" every time. Every single time.
She tilts her head. She looks at me with just her eyes.
She even poses at Old Navy!
We went to Crocker Park one afternoon to take pictures.
People stopped to watch. "What magazine is this for?", they asked.
She is so funny~
She says, "Mem, I need to model to make money to go to Disney World. Isn't that a good idea?"
Her Mom is sending some pics around~
Will she make it to Disney World?
Oh YES, she will!
Because if modeling fails.... Papa is gonna take her!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Rocky, Rocky~

Mya has discovered the rocking chair at Meme and Papa's house and she LOVES it!

She wants to rock all day long!

And who can resist her sweet little face... Papa can't!!

Mya and Cayden have been here for the past week and we are having so much fun together!!

Meme took Mya shoe shopping, thinking what girl doesn't love a new pair of shoes~ especially her first pair!!
She loved them in the store.
But when she got home, it was quite a different story. Remember her video of how she "crawls" (scoots on her butt)?
Well, she discovered she couldn't "scoot" so well with those darn cute shoes on!
She tried everything to get them off!
"What the heck?"

So much happier without them on!

Molly joined the fun on Friday and she and Cayden went "fishing" together!
They also got busy with the trains!
We have a few more days together then its back to Mommy and Daddy on Sunday! I am sure Bridget and Cyle got a lot of work done in their basement while the kiddos were here!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Bear Building~ 101

Sarah had her big party on Saturday. We were missing a few people... Papa, Uncle Tegan, Aunt Kelley, Layla, Uncle Cyle and Uncle Danny! We started at Sarah's house then loaded into cars to head to Build A Bear Workshop!

The Birthday Girl listens intently as instructions are given!

Cayden rubs the two hearts together~ one is for his camo bear and one for Sarah's birthday bear!

Cayden is such a good boy at the party full of girls!

Mya enjoys scooting around the store!

She likes these shoes... A LOT!

Sarah loves her new Birthday Bear! She named him Brown Heart! He is stuffed with 9 hearts from the friends she invited to her party!

Molly loves her new friend Cindy, too!

Cayden loves his new camo bear he named "Printy"!

At Build A Bear, walking is too slow, running is dangerous, so the Birthday Girl gets to decide how to get to each station! Some hopping, and skipping was going on!

Each friend went home with a new bear, in a new outfit! What fun! The car ride home was filled with little girls, and one boy, chatting away about their new bears!

Sarah opened presents at home and even her friends know she is just "mad" about the peace sign right now!

A hug for her little sister, Molly, who got her "just what she always wanted"... more Littlest Pet Shop stuff!

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Sweet Sarah, Happy Birthday to YOU!
Make a wish...
Got them!
Yea!! Cake and ice cream time!
The girls all had a sleep over and had an absolute blast... so I hear!

Sarah Rose... you just make me smile! I can hardly believe you are 6 years old already! I love you so much! You Shine!