Monday, July 26, 2010

Cayden takes Meme to Clear Lake!

We went to Clear Lake for the weekend to celebrate Cayden and his Aunt Joy's birthday! Cayden got a fun bowling set...
and got to spend time with Grandpa, Aunt Joy and this little guy, his cousin Mason!
Isn't he adorable?
Cayden likes him alot!!
"Baby, yeah!"
"I walk baby!"
Exploring on his own!
A new bike... gently used from Aunt Joy. She finds all the best toys!
A boat ride with mommy and meme with Grandpa driving!
Isn't he precious?
The Wilkinson Lake house (the green one in the tree) # 526... such a fun relaxing home away from home... They call it "Linger Longer". I borrowed the name and lent it to Roxi for her camp on the Allegheny River which they call "Camp Linger Longer"! The Wilkinson's had two houses here originally, one in front called "We Will" and one in back called "Linger Longer!" Cayden's grandpa recently tore them down and built the new "Linger Longer" and he plans to retire here next year!
More pictures to come!