Monday, December 10, 2012

Somewhere over the Rainbow Bridge~

Beckie wanted a puppy.
Donny had a friend who had some American Bulldog pups.
The pups were about 4 months old~ he had 3 left and he
offered a deal to Donny.
I remember the night they stopped by my house after they went to pick
out one of the dogs.  Beckie walked in carrying this HUGE puppy!
She named him Bronson.  She loved this dog~
A few years passed and a baby girl was born.
Bronson loved this baby girl.
Her name was Sarah Rose.

Bronson was very protective of this little girl.
If he felt jealous of her,
he never showed it!

He would alway lay near her~
he watched her every move!
The little girl grew to love this big boy!
They were a family.

This little girl and puppy were always together...

They were best buds!

She wore him out with all the running around playing~
He was mighty and big...
He could knock her over with his massive size but
he was gentle~
except for that wagging tail that was like a whip!

Soon another little girl came along~ Molly Carolyn.
Bronson took right to this one too and 
showered her with his love too!
He would snuggle her when she was sick~
She loved him too~
Bronson grew with his family for 10 years.
He received so much love and he gave just
as much love right back to his little family.
This family lost their beloved big guy this past November.
Bronson will be waiting for his girls on
the other side of the Rainbow Bridge for pets in heaven!
He is in good hands with loved ones in heaven~
and is even running around with a certain little Bella!

Sarah and Molly will never forget their "big brother" Bronson~
and Beckie will always love and remember fondly her first big baby~