Sunday, September 19, 2010

Missy's Shower...

So, I really think I am getting to like the fact that Roxi has moved away!! Why? Because now when she visits, she stays a few days and we have lots of time to be together~ longer since she stays at my house!! Debbie and I planned a shower for Missy and we all spent Friday night doing some prep work! By the way... we did send all the husbands packing! It was a total girl weekend~
We then sent Missy upstairs to bed... nighty night~sweet dreams!
Then Roxi and I acted like little elves on Christmas Eve, setting up the room for Missy's baby shower brunch the next morning!
We all got to wake up together and share a few special moments! Roxi made a beautiful keepsake book for Missy and gave it to her that morning!
I loved this saying... so true.
Roxi loves her baby girl FOR ALWAYS~

We used the invitation as our theme design...
Debbie baked little zucchini breads as favors... we love when she bakes!
The room with the furniture moved and tables set... all we need are guests!
And here they are...
Melissa, Patty and Kristin!
Beckie, Molly, Sarah and Bridget. Just look at Deb working in the background!!
Our guest of honor, Missy, her baby's "MEME", Roxi and Lisa!
Lin, Sharon, Marlene and Carole standing behind Marlene!
Leah, Kristin and Rae Ann!
Tiffany, Mikki, Talia, Tara and Krissy~
Kara, Monty and Kileigh~
Missy and Debbie... so adorable~both of them!

There were kids galore... some enjoying themselves ~ others trying to just get out of there~
Cayden tries to make his escape!
Bridget and Mya darling!
Tyler enjoying his grandma's yummy baking... told you we all love it when Deb bakes!
Ari, Tara's baby, sleeping through it all!
Patty and Jeanette loving on Mya!

Time for gifts... Debbie and I made a quilt for Missy. Missy lives in New Jersey, so we wanted to make something so she would think of us and know we love her and her sweet baby from afar... so we quilted! Sorry no picture of the front! It says....



Debbie and I love this girl, her baby and her baby's Meme!!

Isn't she just GLOWING?
More happy people...
Patty and I~
Debbie, Tyler, her grandson, and her daughter, Melissa~
My little gems love Roxi too!!

Bridget, Mya, me and Beckie... my girls!

Missy and the Pizziuli's!! Tara, Mikki, Talia, Rae Ann and Ari~ Roberto was outside with Sarah, Simon, Nina, and Molly!

Friends... aren't they great?
Beckie, Molly and Missy!

Carole, Monty, Kara and Missy~

We had so much fun! Now Debbie and I are looking forward to Wedsnesday, when we hit the road to New Jersey! Another girls weekend with Roxi and Missy. We will travel to see Missy's new house and we can't wait!

To my dearest friend Roxi... I am so thrilled for you at this time in your life! The joys of being a grandparent are so rewarding! You, my friend, will be the BEST~ I looked forward to being a YAYA to your grandbaby and spoiling to the best of my ability... and I know I am good at it!!! Just hope your willing to share! I love you and Missy very much~