Thursday, February 23, 2012

Let's Go RoughRiders!

Sarah and Molly did a Cheer Camp last week at Western Reserve.
I took Molly to school at 3:15 for practice before the 5:15 show in the gym.
I waited with Mrs Walton while she did some tutoring!
Here she is reading to some students before they did a project on the book!
Beckie is so great at engaging kids!  I loved watching her in action.
We headed to the gym and met with Donny and his mom, Carol.
Here's Molly walking ...
She is behind the first Cheerleader/Instructor, wearing her new shirt that is so 
long it covered her shorts!
See Molly?
Front row, first girl on the left!
See Sarah?
Second row, last girl on the right!
Love them!

"Hey Girl, do your THANG"
Ready for the bow...
Molly has certainly perfected her bow... head down, bend low.
Miss Molly, her violin teacher, taught her well!
How about the little friend on the left?
Ha! Too cute!

Bridget came in on Tuesday night for a drs. apt on Wednesday for Cayden.
He tripped and hurt his foot but Bridget was thinking it was ok, but he was still limping on it 
so a trip to Dr. Ballock was in order!  Time for a check up on his feet too!
The doctor does think he may have fractured but that he is on his way to being 
healed up so just gave Bridget a walking boot for Cayden.
He also casted him for impressions for some orthotic braces for 
his fallen arches to put off surgeries for a while!
Cayden says he choose "CAMO braces!"

Mya has been walking around a lot of furniture lately!!
She is making great strides since I saw her last~ What a big girl!
She will talk your head off~ just like her brother did at that age.
She blows my mind the things she says, she is so smart!

Bridget and Cayden having some snuggle time!

"Jew... Meme.  Pease!"
That's juice, I learned!
We went shopping and got some new bathing suits for Florida!
Here's Mya showing off her new beach shoes!
And her new bathing suit!

Cayden says..." Look at Meme Mya"
"Say Cheese!"
Dr. Ballock told Bridget~
"You sure do make cute kids!"
I agree!

Here's Mya in her new matching cover up!
What a doll baby!

Here is her latest trick!
Hey Mya...
Do the booty dance!
She gets her butt up in the air...