Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Florida for Easter!

I drove to Bonita Springs with Bri, Cayden and Mya.  We waited till after work on Thursday, April 10th.   We left at about 4:30 p.m.  We were not on the road an hour of our 19 hour drive when this happened...
Mya started to throw up... Cayden threw up just seeing her get sick!
Best line...
"Meme, Can we just go to the hotel now?" hour!
Little did he know we were not stopping... we were driving straight through
the night!

The children slept soundly....
We arrived just before noon on Friday, April 11th.

Tradition says you must exit the car, take your shoes off and run thru
the house to ....

Jump into the pool!!
Had a great video but there are ERRORS~ ?
Here they are right after!

Cayden and Mya played the rest of the day in the "baby pool"!

Tim, Beckie, Mason, Julia, Sarah and Molly left on Friday after school and they
drove all night as well!  They arrived at noon on Saturday!
Look out... here they all come!

That was just day 2 of 
10 days of fun!