Monday, April 5, 2010

Something About Mary?

Magda was at the beach... oh yes, she was!!! I looked to my right, and grabbed my camera to snap this shot! This poor dear really needs to stop with the oil, don't you agree?? She is someone's precious GG and needs to get out of the sun!
Molly at Barefoot Beach one sunny day... writing her name in the sand!
And frolicking in the water!
Ryan riding the waves... no just riding the calm Gulf!
Heading in!
Jack, trying out the beach chair...
smiling with delight at a shell Ryan gave him!
Sarah took a turn at surfing... Uncle Tegan would be so proud!!
A real surfer girl!
Putting the "flag" on the top of their castle!

Someone did leave her mark on the sand... and in my heart too!!

BIG NEWS HERE!!! I am the proudest MeMe ever!!