Friday, October 11, 2013

How can this be... Layla Lynn is 3!

This angel was born on October 12, 2010

She was adored the moment her parents saw her face~
She means the world to all of us!
From her gigles to her little mannerisms~
we are mesmerized by her every move!

She is her Mommy's mimi me!

1 year old~

2 year old~

This past year it has been fun to watch her grow~
Her personality is pretty BIG!

She is her Papa's sweet girl~

She is my littlest GEM

The apple of  Pop~ay's eye~

A school girl~

Layla Lynn is just so fun~
Even Bo and Walter love to be near her,
they are her guardians!

Her Dramma can't get enough of her!
Layla broke her arm recently~
I am so happy she has Dramma close by to 
snuggle and spoil her like I would love to be

The sweet little face time face I get from her!
Layla isn't big on face time but I know
she knows just who loves her 
and just how much!

I love her so much~
Layla Lynn
You are 3 today and I want you
to know that Meme and Pop-ay love you more
and more each and every day!

Have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY today!
We wish we were there but we send love and can't wait to see you
in a few weeks!

Hugs and Kisses