Sunday, March 14, 2010

Did someone say, REMODEL?

See this wall behind Molly? Now YOU SEE IT...

I left Dave in Florida. I told you that he had his buddies down for a week of golf. Some left, a few others came for another week of fun. Dave mentioned how we are getting set to remodel the Florida house. He mentioned taking down a wall. Mentioned it. The boys heard the call. No better time than the present, they said.

Gary has his hand at demolition -- Rick supervises!

Mike gets involved too! Gary and Rick behind the wall!

Where's Dave... you might ask? Taking pictures, but rest assured, he had his hand in this work as well!

The wall down.... This will really open up the floor plan!! Carpet is going.... Tile is coming, all throughout, and new cabinets and granite counter tops!

This table and bar stools will be replaced!

This is a friends' house down the street. We loved her floor plan, which is exactly ours, minis the wall dividing the kitchen area. We loved how it opened everything up!

It will look so great with new wood cabinets, installed by none other than Bob, Dave and Rick. Carole, Roxi and I have been blessed to be married to Jack Of All Trades, since our husbands can do it all!! They are plumbers, electricians,(Dave already re-wired the wires that ran down this wall), and cabinet makers and installers. Never mind their day jobs... Retired Engineer, Screw-Fastener Business Owner and a Financial Investment Firm Owner. How lucky are we?? Watch for more updates on this exciting project!!