Friday, July 17, 2009

One Year Ago...

Bridget and I painted a nursery full of MONKEYS!  Bridget and Cyle hung letters, letters that spelled out the changing forever of their lives, letters that spelled out name of the little boy who they could not wait to meet, letters that spelled CAYDEN.

July 19th came and brought with it some contractions.  This would be the day!  A birthday for Townsend Cayden Wilkinson.

        Meme falls in love and Papa is just so proud of his new GRANDSON!

We are off to Clear Lake to celebrate this baby boys' big day!  He has changed before our eyes!  He amazes us with his disposition, for it has been a tough year for such a little guy.  Cayden is a strong little boy... one that will continue to capture our hearts with his smile.  Happy Birthday Townsend Cayden!