Sunday, October 26, 2014

Where's my SUITCASE?

I land in Grand Junction and we went directly to furniture store
for this girls BIG GIRL BED.
Then this crazy thing happened on the way home...
Layla, I hear, is still LAUGHING about it!

We buy the bed.
They can't deliver for a few days... BUT, for $20 you can
borrow their pickup truck for 75 minutes!  PERFECT!
I say..."I'll drive it because I don't really want to drive Tegan's stick shift XB!"
Well you needed drivers license and insurance card...I had both
but my insurance card reads Dave's name so it was a no go for me.
Tegan showed his license and insurance~ which meant

Tegan gives me a refresher course where first, second, third and fourth gears
are and I think...
"Ok, I got this"
We take off... slowly.
As we approach the stoplight out of the shopping area, I realize
it's on an incline...
Which FREAKS me right out as the car behind me pulls right up to my bumper.

Kelley knows I'm freaking out cuz I tell her and then the light
turns green and I

I make the tires squeal as I pull away QUICKLY so I don't roll back into
the idiot so close behind me.

"That was great!  I did it!', I laugh!
Kelley looks behind her and says the back hatch is open.

I say...
"Is my suitcase still back there?"

Kelley looks and says.... NO!

Good lord.... we didn't see it, but my suitcase had come flying out at the guy behind us~
who had to stop his car, get out and THROW my suitcase to the curb to get around it!!

I pull over to the curb and tell Kelley there is no way I can turn around and go thru traffic after it 
and I tell her to RUN and get my suitcase.  


I love that Kelley!

Layla and I are straining our necks trying to see around the curved road we took 
(when I drove off) to find her mommy.

Wish I had a camera to snap Kelley as she walked thru a parking lot laughing and pulling
my suitcase!  I swear I laughed so hard I almost wet my pants!

It amazes me to this day that Tegan drives EVERYWHERE with stuff in the back
of his car- with a door that doesn't latch -and NOTHING ever falls out!
Leave it to me.
And my HEAVY suitcase.

Hey Tegan... FIX that latch, ok?

Oh Meme is nuts... isn't she Layla?

 I did make it safely home in that car,
suitcase and all~