Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Long Goodbye...

We pack up the cars... we wave goodbye to Nicky! We have had a blast up on this mountain for the past week.
Nicky wishes us safe travels!
I hug my newlyweds and I cry. I always try not too... but something happens whenever I leave Tegan. Now it's whenever I leave Tegan and Kelley. I know they are happy together but I so wish they were closer to home.
It just makes me feel as empty as these chairs on a sunny summer day in Colorado.
Donny drives.. our van following Dave's ahead of us as we leave this beautiful place...
But I know I will always remember what happened right down there....on the deck at Powderhorn, in Mesa Colorado on June 19th, 2010.
They are off on their honeymoon.... We are home in Ohio! Next trip: October! I plan to be there when that baby girl Lesjak is born in Grand Junction!