Monday, May 23, 2011

Getting ready to HIT THE ROAD!

See Jim. See Kathy. See Dave. Imagine you see Diana- I am behind the camera. See the fun we will have on the road together!

It's true. We have rented a BIG RV and we are headed out West, just the four of us! We have been good friends for 30 years and we really feel we are ready and able to spend 17 days in an RV together and still be good, good friends when we get back home! This trip promises to be full of good times, lots of laughter, some insanity and some really great adventure! We want to share it all with YOU! Please follow us on our new blog, Road Rash 2011, which will document the entire trip, as we travel along! Mount Rushmore, Sturgis, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon... and then Route 66 all the way home! Can you just imagine?

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The Road Rash 2011 hits the road on June 18th but the blog is up and running right now~

Come along for the ride!