Monday, May 7, 2012

A Happy Birthday~

I had a very nice birthday!

Dave surprised me with a purse made by an artist
from Columbus, which he purchased when we
had dinner at ELLA's...
which stands for Eat Local, Love Art!
I love it!
Thanks Dave,  for the gift and the great dinner out tonite!

I was amazed at the messages on Facebook~
My favorite thing about Facebook is the birthday feature.
I love knowing it's someone's special day
and getting to send them a greeting on 

Thanks to those who left me sweet messages... some at 1 am~
Sisters who sent cards and messages,
Friends that called and sang,
Friends who sent hugs,
Friends that called to tell me in person!

To all my children who sent messages and called~
To all my little gems who called and or face timed me and wished me 
You all make me so HAPPY~

Even Cayden asking "How old are you Meme?"
I answered "54 Cayden, how about that?"

"WOW, that's great Mem!"
It is great!
I am so lucky to have so much love in my life!