Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Meet Chef Mickey~
We had dinner at Chef Mickeys and we had a 

There is a lot of napkin waving that goes on here!
MINNIE works to get Mya waving!
They looked like TWINS!
So fun!
Cayden waved too!
We all did!

Pluto also cooks there!

He loves to pose with an ear up!

Goofy does deserts!
Yum Yum!

Cheers Everyone!

Donald is a prep chef~
He is working on moving up to...
being number ONE 
in the kitchen!

Mya writing some notes to help her
remember everything about her day!

Minnie was especially HAPPY to see her
twin Mya!

Mya was pretty thrilled too!

Mya and Cayden at the MICKEY EARS

Papa had an office to work in everyday!
He would set up his computer in the bedroom
and take care of business before we would start our day.

More fun at the pool!

Cayden and Mya loved the kiddie section too!

Days were long and so fun!
Will we get everything in?
Watch and see!