Wednesday, August 22, 2012

So many changes...

Here's Cayden...
He is ready to go meet his teacher, Miss Rachel.
He starts school on Thursday~ he will be going 3 days a week.
Full days. He will ride a bus.
He is so excited.
Mommy is feeling nervous and worried ~ she realizes she won't 
be there to watch him and keep him safe from fractures.
I can understand her and Cyle's concerns for their little man who has
been fracture free for almost 2 years!  I reminded Bridget about
how incredibly smart this guy is... and we are all hoping 
he will remember to be careful all the while he runs and plays with
his new friends!  Broken bones do heal~ should they happen, but
we are all praying for a fracture free school year!

Someone else is feeling a little worried too...
Beckie put her baby girl Molly on the school bus to
Kindergarten today!
She gave Molly all she needs for her first day too!
Molly is READY~

Sarah was ready yesterday
and had her first day already but was
happy to pose again this morning!

Beckie's girls~

Sarah is very protective of her little sister!

See what I mean...

She was giving her advice all the way to the bus stop!

Molly was all smiles~

Meme and her big girl gems~

Mommy is going to miss her baby girl.
Big milestone for Beckie here today~
My friends and I used to have bloody marys on the tree lawn when our last
ones were off to kindergarten!!
Beckie reminds her about her heart...

Here comes the bus!

No sign of tears from Molly as her sister
takes her to the bus!

Not the case for Beckie though~
but her friends are whisking her off to Cedar Point
for the day to keep her mind off the fact her last one just 
went off to school.  Wahoo!

My Kelley also started school!  Back to college for her!
Online classes so she can be home with her sweet Laylabug!

Have fun at school everyone!