Friday, February 11, 2011

Thank You!


I just want to say THANK YOU~ for so many things. You are the best husband, father, papa, provider, and protector a woman could EVER ask for! You do so much for me, our children and their children! We all love and adore you but no one more than me! I love when you do little things for me like this morning! Thank you! I wish I had so much more to offer you! I am a work in progress, just remember that! I Love You!

Just look how happy Cayden is to see Papa when he comes home from work!

Yesterday, Cayden found a way to get really cozy on the rocking chair Papa made! Quite comfortable for Team Umizoomi, a new favorite show!

Mya is still loving those feet of hers! She is the spitting image of her mother when Bridget was a baby.
I find myself constantly wanting to call her Bridget Diana!
She just delights me so much!
She is a tad bit on the spoiled side, I fear. Mya enjoys being held every second and if she is on the blanket playing~ you better be where she can see you!! I have resorted to having her in the front carrier some days just to be able to use both hands to get some things done around here! Just look at her face... Who Me? I am innocent!
All I can say about my hair cut is... It's finally growing out! When I first got it cut, Molly would put her hands on each of my checks and tell me...

"Don't worry Meme. It will grow back"

I am pretty sure Molly doesn't like my haircut!! I don't think anyone, including me, does!!