Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Road Trip to Dan and Dag's house!

We loaded into the car this morning for a quick run over to Dan and Dag's to see the new bathroom flooring Papa and Cousin Larry installed!  Dan and Dag are so lucky to have family that loves to help with remodeling projects!  Family, and FRIENDS, I should say!!  I love to peek at the girls with my rear view mirror, so I grabbed my camera and took a shot!  I love how it turned out!

Molly singing... " I want to move it, move it!"

Dagmara greeting us at the side door, paint bucket in hand!  This girl has done more painting in the last month than Van Gogh did in a life time!!!  She even plans to paint the living room next.  Today's project was the master bath.  It is all looking fabulous!

Molly and Sarah love to curl up in Dag's "tilting chair"!!  We had a quick visit today but the girls can't wait to go back and play in Dagmara's big basement again!!