Monday, August 5, 2013

The OLD and the NEW

The one and only 
Memphis Kiddie Park...
the old!
I went as a child,
my children went
and now my GEMS never miss it!

Layla loved it!!

Tegan showed some FEAR (haha) on the 
roller coaster, that does kill an adults back!!

The train is always a must...
My sweet Sarah Rose is TOO TALL for most rides~
but that only meant she was going to CEDAR POINT
with all the BIG KIDS in a few days!

Constant partners... Molly and Mya

Me and my bug!

Papa got busy on the NEW of this post...
All Bri had to do was mention it to her dad...
"We play this game at the lake, Dad, you should make one"

So he did!

Cayden and his buddy Layla found their way to the woodshop!
They found Papa and Tegan hard at work~
So they got busy too!
Mya got in on the action as well.

Hours of fun!
Looking good~ Rick stops by for a quick visit.
The finished product~
Boy was this game fun...
except for the power of the WILL TO WIN
(Boy are my kids competitive!)
Look out~ 
These sticks can hurt you~ but by all means, 
Look it up and try it!

We went to Beckie's for pizza and fun!
We waited for Danny to make it in from Breckinridge!
All smiles after the long drive home with...
The Funky Komadina
and her sweet older sister
Now all we had to do was wait for Bri and Cyle!