Thursday, September 9, 2010

Let's Go To The Zoo... oh baby!

This guy sure lights up my world!! I get out my camera and he yells "CHEESE", and smiles! Then yells, "AHHH" and makes this face... and wants to see the picture!

We decided to go to the Zoo today, since the DINOSAURS exhibit is only at the CLEVELAND ZOO till September 12th. We know how Cayden loves dinosaurs! Last time he went to see them, he was a bit afraid. So we wanted to try one last time, hoping he would enjoy it better!

This time he still clung to Mommy, but he did roar back and really seemed to like them better!


Oh My Goodness... "It's Allidar... where's the monkey?", Cayden asked!

Brave enough for a photo opt!
He could not focus on the sharp teeth because one was roaring across the path...

Then we did his next favorite thing... "RIDE, RIDE, RIDE", the dinosaur train!
Cayden... you were such a good boy today at the Zoo!! Attentive and alert, you didn't want to miss a thing, or maybe you were afraid there would be another dinosaur around every corner, I'm not sure which ~ but I know you had a great time!! You even said, "Thank you Meme"! I love you buddy!