Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's that time again!! This is my master bathroom. I choose a teal color for the back wall and accents. The bedding is also in this color. I love it! Looking in from the bedroom. Closets on either side, his and hers!

My pedestal soaking tub! I love it! I am a "soak in the tub, read a book", kind of girl. Every night!!
Shower on one side... I found this tall towel stand and was so happy with the perfect match to the sink cabinets!
A beautiful frame from Amish country!

The other side...
My favorite part is this... the silver reading tray that Tegan and Kelley gave me for Christmas!

Now just guess who remodeled this bathroom for me?? That's right... Mr. Dave himself!

For my friend Dee...

So here is some help for the Desperate Housewives of Bay Cedar. Check this out: Gypsy Feet (just click on these words) Remember to give it a few seconds to load then you will see the picture! I know you all want to see it so I hope this is helpful!! And to my friend Stephanie, thanks for the help with linking!! Till next year girls!!