Wednesday, May 4, 2011

On the road again!

When we drive to Florida, we usually take I-75 all the way. This year, Dave advised Beckie and I to take I-77 instead because of the pretty serious storms down 75. We heeded his advice. and it was a good thing! This route takes us thru Orlando... you know, the home of DISNEY WORLD and SEAWORLD! The girls were excited to see the Mickey Ears but sad to know we were not stopping to visit the clubhouse! Beckie has decided to travel that route again next year and STOP for a few days at DISNEY~ the girls will be a perfect age!!

Meanwhile, I immediately thought of my friend Julie, who was a neighbor of mine and mom to Bridget's childhood best friend, Kristin! Kristin and Bridget did EVERYTHING together from age 2 to about 5 or 6~ they were so cute together! Then Julie and Al moved away ~ it was so sad!
Anyway... Kristin is a trainer at SeaWorld! Julie shared some pictures with me and I just knew I would be stopping to see her show on the way home! Bridget, Cayden and Mya are driving home with me so it was a great idea to stop and see Kristin! We contacted her and arranged to visit SeaWorld ~ we sent this picture to tell her we were excited to see her at her fun job!
Papa had one last dance with Mya Brynn before his flight home on Tuesday!
Bridget and Cayden enjoy one last swim in "the little pool"!

Look Uncle Tegan, Cayden found your remote control car from when you were a little boy and he had so much fun playing in the driveway!

We left the Florida house at noon today and drove the 4 hours to Orlando. We checked into the hotel and Miss Mya was happy to play on the bed! Sarah and Molly... remember how we always jump on hotel beds...shh~ well, Mya loves to do it too!

Bridget is happy to relax with her girl!
Cayden likes that we are on the 10th floor~
Mya was squealing about it too!
We went right down to the pool for a quick swim!
Meme and Mya being silly together!
Cute Cayden!
A little ball game in the water!

We are off to bed now... Cayden keeps looking at the pictures on the computer of Kristin with "Her whale" and he is so very excited to meet them both!

He keeps asking "where is Kristin?'
I am so excited that Kristin said her mom has decided to make an impromptu visit to Orlando as well... It will be so good to see her! I am so thrilled!
Julie is so very proud of Kristin and I am happy we can stop and see her in action! I will surely take my camera!!