Monday, March 31, 2014

My wee littlest one...

I went to Grand Junction for a visit to Tegan, Kelley and Layla!
I surprised her at her school~ she was playing outside and she got the
biggest smile on her face when she saw me!  She yelled "MEME" and ran 
right into my arms!

We had so much fun together~
She loves building towers

And knocking them down and running!
Then building it all over again!
She is a good little cleaner up-er once she is done playing!
Layla still loves BUBBLES~ 
from the time she was little to now,
she just loves to blow, chase and catch Bubbles!
Just look~

She giggles and laughs!

She tries so hard to blow bubbles herself~
She is so sad when it doesn't work...
But she keeps trying and trying!

She could be at it for hours!

Layla Lynn
the little goof ball!

Movie star looks~
We had a visit from Uncle Danny too! 
He brought Koma with him!

Isn't she the prettiest Pit Bull?
Her fur is so, so soft!

We went shopping together, just us girls!
It was so nice to spend time with Kelley and watch her being
a Mommy!  She is the best mom to little Layla.  Kelley and Tegan
are working hard raising a sweet little girl!

She is a love bug!

Tegan and I took Layla to a place that had inflatables~
They had taken her there before and she was a little shy at first 
but after a few minutes she was running and sliding on everything!
This time around she had no fear!
She ran right up the "stairs" of the big slide~
and came FLYING right down too!

We bought some crafts to make and Layla really
enjoyed those too!

I just love spending time with her.
She is so funny... such a character!

I love her!
Peek A BOO

They are a special little family of 3~
I enjoy visiting and spoiling them a bit!

We all went to The Palette and had a "painting" night out too!
I can't wait to see them in June again when they come home for 
a family wedding that they are all in!  So exciting to have that 
to look forward to!  

When I left, Tegan had to go to Dramma's house and 
Layla told her she "lost her Meme" but said it was "okay cuz I will call
her on the phone"! 
 Little did she know I would be right back since my
flight out got delayed twice~ so I had to call Tegan to come get me for one more
 Goodbyes are so hard~
but I still loved getting to do it twice!