Thursday, January 13, 2011

The New Rules!

So, remember Camp Meme & Papa's? Molly came to stay ~ Sarah had to stay home because she is in Kindergarten now. Sarah likes to write the rules of the house down on paper. She usually post them on the kitchen door for all to see. We get a kick out of her rules since they are always directed towards Molly!

When Molly came home from Camp, she was greeted with this note...
"We missed you Molly!!!!!! The rules for now are going to be:

You cannot go to Memes house without me love Sarah"
Well, I guess she told her!

One day at school during free time, Sarah traced her hand and wrote the name of her favorite purple nail polish! She amazes me that she remembers the names and spells things out as best as she can!!

She even got an extra red star for this sentence...
Do not get that Tyrannosaurus Rex!! Pretty close on the spelling here!
Sarah Rose... Keep up the good work in school! You make your Meme and Papa so very proud! We love you!