Wednesday, September 12, 2012

It's about to be a WRAP~

I traveled so much this summer that I missed days
where there were actually bodies, little ones, in my pool.
It's looked empty to me most days since everyone is so far away!
Big weekend coming up...
Bri will be here with Cayden and Mya~
We will also have Sarah and Molly while their parents have 
a weekend away!

My garden colors are fading as we enter fall~

Our streets center circle has grown wildly~ 
no homeowners association anymore. 
 It was really looking bad, so a couple of us neighbors
got together and decided ENOUGH.  We asked a neighbor who owns a 
landscaping company to give us a clean up, replant estimate and we
set out asking others on the street to pick in and share the cost.
We got about 7 to do so!
Work began...
I came home one afternoon and found the center cleared
completely out!

The Douglas Fir planted in the center~
River rock being spread...
Plants planted and mulch laid~

You can even see my house thru the trees now!

From this ...
to this...
Thanks to everyone who chipped in for this project!

Don't you just love the people in your neighborhood?