Sunday, June 6, 2010


My friend Meigan texted me this morning as we were leaving the house and said...


She is so right! I cried when I read that one!

We left for Montreal Canada at 9:30 this morning. Cyle, Bridget, Cayden and I. We are on our way to the Shriners Hospital to see Dr. Rauch. I am going along to be a support to my daughter and to help with Cayden any way I can. We will have answers soon to so many questions about our boy Cayden. As Bridget said goodbye this morning she was tearful. I think she fears hearing the imminent diagnosis, a mother who loves her child so much and can't bear to think he will have a hard road ahead of him. Dave hugged her tight, telling her it will be good to know what we are fighting. Roxi also held her as she cried and told her what a good mommy she is, and how lucky Cayden was to have her! Her sister Beckie was there too to share a hug with Bri and Cayden too!!

We arrived at the border around 5:30 p.m. and drove about 10 miles to the hotel for the night. We have about 150 miles to go in the morning! Cayden was so good in the car.

Did I mention I love this kid??

I do!

We got settled into our room. Cayden tried out his bed...
Looks like it will work...
Then it was time for some fun for this little guy... Off to the pool we went. Cayden loves to swim and play in the water!!
I love this little family.
We are settled in for the night. I sent Cyle and Bridget next door for dinner together. They will discuss strategies and questions they have for the doctors. Stay tuned... you know I will be back with more of our trip to Canada!

Can I just say a special THANK YOU to Meigan and Roxi, who both had the wonderful idea to put together bags of goodies for our trip. How lucky am I to have friends like these two. You both touched my heart! I love you girls!!