Friday, January 7, 2011


Danny is in Colorado. A snowboarding trip to see some old school friends, Jay, & Correy and his brother Tegan! Dan is staying with Jay a few days then taking the train to Grand Junction to stay with Kelley, Tegan and Layla! I am so, so, so, jealous!

Danny posted this picture on Facebook... saying " A great first day at Copper"!
This was sent to my cell phone... message read~ Vail. On my way to meet up with Tegan. Tegan is lucky enough to be visiting his old school buddy, Mike and his family, who are vacationing at Beavercreek. Thanks to John and Natalie, who are always so welcoming to Tegan and Kelley when they visit Colorado! Turns out the meeting up with Dan and Jay did not happen because Vail lost power and Tegan and pals went back to Beavercreek. Hopefully they can connect tomorrow. Dagmara and Kelley are both left home to man the home fronts~ Thanks girls for letting my boys see good friends and each other! I can't wait for pictures of my boys together and of Uncle Danny meeting sweet Layla bug for the first time!!
Molly last night at Camp Meme and Papa's ~ she helped with dinner.
Beckie came in the morning to pick her up and found her little girl all dolled up! We had a fashion show~ with full make up! Oh, they might have some trouble on their hands when this beauty is a teen!!

She even tried on some of her Mom's jewelry!
Bridget took this great shot of her beauty! Mya is so sweet and still dainty!
She loves her feet... so I added some extra pizzazz to them!
I took this picture of her today...
she now has her ears pierced ~ just another little princess in the making!
Cayden was happy to see the Dino~sippy cup I found for him!
One content boy!
It's snowing here today and Cayden just looked out the window and said...

"Awe, Christmas!"