Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Montreal ~

On the road...
Cayden works in alphabet workbook Mommy gave him~

He loves printing his letters!

Some "stinky" feet~
Our Cayden is really flexible~

We check into the "show n tell" a.k.a. hotel!
Cayden cracks us up with how he says some things!
On the road we saw tall buildings and ask him what they
were and he said "Show n Tell".
We had no clue what he was talking about!
Then at the hotel, he said
"I love doing races at the show tell"!
Ha~ We got it now.
Hotel ~ Show n Tell!

Cayden, his Buddy and Bo Bo!

We got up at 6:30 and hit the road by 7:30.

At the Canadian border, we were made to go inside
so they could call Cyle, the other parent, to be sure
we were not kidnapping this cute boy out of the states!
Note to self:  Have letter signed by other parent if one is missing!!
We all just want to protect this kid!

Once in Montreal, we check into the La Tour Belvedere.
I cannot believe this boy will be four on Thursday!
He is never too big to tickle!

We walked across the street to the movie theater and we 
saw ICE AGE!
Cayden had such big belly laughs all through the movie~
so much so that we all had laughs on Cayden too!

Ready for bed now!
Just a little "homework" he says!

Good night to Daddy, Mya and my Grandma B!
I miss you!