Sunday, September 13, 2009

Making Plans...

Dave was away for the weekend and I spent much of it with Bridget and Cayden!  Bridget worked Thursday night and spent the morning sleeping here while Cayden and I played!  He is really enjoying the sit and spin now!

So fun ~ just look at his face~ and check out those adorable little feet!  Looking good! He has come along way from his new born feet!
Casting, bracing, cutting tendons, breaking.... his feet have endured much but... He is doing so great!  He now stands and walks around furniture and is getting very daring about it all!  Check out some of his other moves here!  He still wears his special shoes and bar brace at night till he is two and then the doctor will see if more surgery is needed or if he will just continue to wear the bar with shoes.  Isn't it amazing to see the change?  

We then shopped on Friday, Bridget had an agenda, she was on a mission.  Friday night, I kept Cayden for a sleep over while his mommy and daddy went to the Indians game with friends.  Cayden makes for a boring sleepover guest as he goes to bed for the night by 7.  I watched movies the rest of the night, which I love to do!

Saturday when Bridget came over we decided to go to the farmer market at Crocker Park. 
It was fabulous~ It was our first time there and I will be sure to go back.  A man playing the guitar entertained Cayden, there were booths just filled with fresh produce and the potted plants were so beautiful and the biggest I have ever seen.  People so friendly and helpful too! Fruit so delicious!  Yum.

Tegan called ... we are trying to plan a trip.  He misses us and we miss him.  He needs to see his little nieces and nephew as well as his sisters and brother.  He is still loving his job at West Star Aviation and I am sure he is looking forward to the snow flying so he can snowboard.  Kelley got a new haircut and looks adorable!  They both are saving up vacation time for their honeymoon, so we can't get them home to Ohio.  Don't worry Tegan... I am working on some plans for some trips.  We may all have to come separately, but that might be more fun for you guys anyway!!   And, way less crowded at your house!!!  I love you guys so much and I miss you too!

Here's to a good week everyone!!