Monday, April 30, 2012

Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun!

Cayden loves to sing.
In Florida he sang
Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun!
I asked him where he learned his new song
and he said...
"My Grandma taught me"

I wanted to tell Brenda, his Grandma, that this 
really brought a big smile to my face because
this was a song Grandma Gertie sang to my kids!!

Bridget sent me this video today of Cayden at home...

And not to be out shined
Miss Mya joins right in...
So cute!!

Layla sends this picture
"Missing you"

Just check out the hair on Mya...

Speaking of Sunshine...
April 29th was a big day for my friend Meigan!
Mac James was born!!
I am so happy for Katie, his mommy!

She will be a great little momma!

Mac is Meigan's 8th little gem!

Number 7 ~ Little Miss Ava was born last weekend!!
Isn't she a sweetie too?
Celeste is a great momma too
and now she has two to love~
Andrew and Ava!
Two little new babes to love!
How lucky is Meig?

Meigan Ann you are surely blessed!