Saturday, April 30, 2011

Photo Essay... Vacation Highlights!

Annual pictures at the fountain. This year it was a little late in the day and the sun was right in everyone's eyes!
Kisses for mommy~
Sarah, Molly and Beckie ~ so pretty!
Layla's mommy and daddy share a special moment~
We all walk back to the car.
Sarah found some things to make her lizard feel right at home~
Molly holding Layla~
Molly stopping for a picture while on a walk with Meme~
Uncle Tegan and Molly, deep in conversation!
Sarah and Layla~ cousins!
Sarah doing some art work~
Roxi and Layla having a laugh together~
Beckie and Molly on the boat shuttle to the private beach~ Bright sunlight again!
Molly twisting in the sand!
Layla napping with Meme on the beach.
Tegan and Kelley taking a stroll together!
Sarah having fun with Layla and Uncle Tegan at the waters edge!
Paper, Scissors, Rock at Doc's BeachHouse!
Layla loves playing with Molly~
Mya does too!
Sarah reads a story to us! Notice Molly sitting with her legs crossed~ "just like Meme", she says!
Off to the airport with Beckie, Sarah and Molly. Sarah cried most of the way~ sorry to be leaving all the fun behind!

More to come...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rough Waters

Mya Brynn thinking... Um, who's that new girl Meme's always kissing?

Layla Lynn thinking.... Um, does this lady ever stop?
Meme can't get enough kisses and snuggles!
Layla likes swimming in the pool!
She especially enjoys the water fall!
Aunt BB's sun glasses give Layla some BUG eyes~
Notice Kelley, fitting right in with the family at the pool,
especially in this picture...
The water started getting rough for Cayden in his boat!
Waves tossed him this way and that way...
He decided he was safer out of the boat and in the water!
Sarah, the whale trainer really had a workout with "Pretty" the killer whale! Uncle Tegan and Papa really took her for a ride!
Wow! She held on all the way! Way to go Sarah! We miss you, Molly, Uncle Danny and Mommy everyday here in Florida!

Don't forget... "I feel pretty, oh so pretty..." ~ Theater date is coming Sarah Rose!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Surprise!

Easter morning Tegan, Kelley, Layla, Beckie, Sarah, Molly and I boarded our shuttle to the private beach. We always hope to see dolphins while crossing the Estero Bay, but this trip, that was NOT the big surprise! We spent a couple of hours at the beach then headed back to the main land!! While walking up the walk, a little boy came around the corner and Beckie told the girls to "move over, make room for the little boy" ~ when we all realized it was CAYDEN!!! Papa, Bridget and Mya came around the corner then too!! Imagine our surprise! They were all supposed to be flying in on the 25th, but Dave changed the tickets to surprise me!! I love him so much for doing this for me!

Beckie and the girls were leaving on Monday, the same day Dave was coming in with Bridget and her kids! I was bummed that it hadn't worked out to have all 5 of my GEMS together at one time. Sarah needed to be back at school and Bridget couldn't get off any earlier, so we had to make do! Well, turns out Bridget did get the weekend off and Dave arranged this....

How wonderful is that?? Dave you are the BEST! I love you so much!

We all went to Doc's for dinner and then headed out the doors to Bonita Beach for some photos! Sarah, ever the leader, took off for the water once the photo shoot was over! Molly and Cayden will follow her anywhere!
Side note... Sarah Rose cried all the way to the airport today. She was sorry to be leaving all this loving behind!
Cayden loves these girls!
He tried to hang on and hold hands as the waves crashed on the shore...
But, I had to pass my camera off because he fell right into the Gulf... clothes and all!

Beckie and the GEMS she gave me... SARAH and MOLLY!

Tegan and Kelley with the little GEM LAYLA they have given me!

Bridget with the Gems she shares with me... CAYDEN and MYA!

What fun to be all together~

We are missing Danny, Donny and Cyle in this next photo... I may have to photoshop them in!!

Cayden was so excited to see Uncle Tegan!
Are there any words for this?

I love you Dave!