Thursday, October 23, 2008

HOME SCHOOLING...or at least picture taking!!

Sarah Rose Walton, age 3, SUNSHINE CLASS at BEST BEGINNINGS PRESCHOOL...sat for the class picture but wanted NO PART of the individual shots so...MeMe decided Sarah's Mommy and Daddy could not go without having a school picture!! We set up the camera and here is one of the shots of Sarah. Not too bad...check Beckie's page to see others...yes there were MANY others!!!

Baby Fenton Shower!

We had a baby shower for Melissa Fenton on Tuesday. What fun to have a party during the week~~~ We had many guests...the room was filled with people who think Melissa and Tim are pretty special...Melissa got so many nice things for her baby. Thanks to all who prepared food ~~~it was so nice to just have to worry about getting things ready here and not having to cook anything!!

Melissa, Debbie, and Sarah ~~ Mother and daughters!!

Kathy, Sharon, Lin, and Dee ~~ Girlfriends!!

Noreen, Marlene, Patty and Carole ~~ More Girlfriends!!

Debbie, Diana, and Roxi ~~ Even More Girlfriends!!

Melissa, Tim and Baby Fenton!! A.K.A ~ MOMMY and DADDY!!

We all had just a wonderful time and we cannot wait to meet the Littlest Fenton!