Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Some Good News...

Want some exciting, good news this Christmas? Go here and smile with us!!

Measure, Mix, Sprinkle, Bake, and Decorate!

Oh the fun... oh the mess!! Beckie, Bridget, Sarah, Molly, Cayden and I made some Christmas sugar cookies!! Sarah was the official stir-er, while Molly...
measured the flour, over and over again. Meme would sneak the bowls away and re-dump her flour so she could fill the bowl again!! She was busy!
They both were!
Precision decorating followed once the cookies were cooled.
Such fine motor skills!
With a lick here or there...
Who could resist? Yum!
Cayden enjoyed having lunch with Sarah too!
Tegan and Kelley come home tomorrow... we saved them some cookies! Snip and Snap are coming too... look out! We say goodbye to our little elf on the shelve, as she must get back to Santa and give a full report! See ya Alice!