Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Cayden ~ Yearly visit to Shriners Hospital!

The road to Shriners Hospital in Montreal each year
is always about the hotels we are going to stay overnight in...
Bri drives to my house after work and then we leave for Canada
right away!  Its about a 9 hour drive.  We drive 4 1/2 that night then stop
at a hotel...  Number one requirement?

Cayden and Mya LOVE swimming!

Mr. Flexible!

Miss Adorable!

These two have so much fun together!

We wake the next morning early and hit the road!
We arrive in Montreal and stay at La Tour Belevedere Hotel.
Across the street is a movie theater and we love to see movies!
We saw How To Train Your Dragon 2 this year!

We wake early~
No Breakfast for anyone since Cayden can't eat...
No worries, we survive!

A real life Shriner comes to pick us up for the van ride to 
the hospital!  It is always the same sweet man~ who is so kind and sweet
with both Cayden and Mya!

While Bri registers, Cayden and Mya go right for the game console!
The fish tank is always a highlight!
Cayden looks for the frog tank up on the high counter!

While Cayden has blood work, X-rays and Scans, Mya and I play cards~
she beats me EVERY TIME!
While waiting for the results and Dr. meeting, Cayden likes cards too!
I can't beat him either!
Mya gets my camera... Here's what Shriners Hospital looks like to her~

A Selfie...

She is so fun!
After Cayden is all done at Shriners, we get a ride back to the hotel and we
check out and head for home.
We always stop for the night 1/2 way again to SWIM!

The report was good! 

We learned...

 Cayden has grown 2 1/2 inches
25 Percentile for Height
50 percentile for Weight

Last year his bone density was up 9%~
This year there was no change in density. 

Spine looked 100% better~ straighter!

Dr. G asked if he was being seen by a Dentist who specializes in 
Dentinogenesis Imperfecta~ and indeed he is in the care of a Dr. from 

No compression fractures in the spine.

They discussed the future surgery to Cayden's feet~ at about 8 or 9 years old.

Cayden went through some Physical and Occupational Therapy~

***They HAVE identified the Mutated Gene that may have 
caused Cayden's OI. ***
Samples from Bri and Cyle are being work up now to see if either of them
carry the same mutated gene.  It won't change anything to know which gene
 is causing  Cayden's OI, but Bri and Cyle want to know for Cayden's future decisions and
for future research into OI~

All in All a good appointment!

I am so proud of Cayden!

We may have learned a bit of French while we were there!

Au revoir!