Wednesday, June 27, 2012

St Lawrence Market

Dave, Donna and Mike
Happy faces, eh?

Jim and Nikki drove us into downtown Toronto
to visit the St Lawrence Market

Oh the goodies we found there!
It is a lot like our own West Side Market,
but this one sells more than just food!

We strolled downtown 
and ate lunch outside~

Nikki and Donna

Jim and Dave

It is so beautiful here in Toronto.
Happy people everywhere you look!
Everyone is so friendly!

At the bar after a hard day of shopping for our guys!

We are up north now.
In Muskoka.
So relaxing...

Monday, June 25, 2012

OdysseO in Toronto!

This is the day...
Happy Birthday my sweet Molly!
Meme loves you up to God!

Nikki, Donna, Roxi and I spent the day together yesterday.
What a great day we had!

We went to downtown Toronto to see

"With our faithful companions by our side, we have travelled to the four corners
of the globe, built bridges between cultures and brought people from all 
over the planet closer together.
Odysseo is a singular expression and celebration of this 
exceptionally moving journey."

This show takes place in a huge tent...
Featuring 69 horses.
22 Stallions
39 Geldings
43 performers

So much beauty and talent!
*Photos from my program~ no picture taking allowed of course!
But, I just had to share!

Look it up on google to see a film clip

The gymnasts on "bouncing stilts" were crazy wicked!
I called this guy my boyfriend!

The horses were so loved and cared for...
You could feel the love and joy throughout the show!
See the black line in this picture below...
its is the end of the actual stage area and it is a film screen.
The fore ground is flat then it is an inclined hill for the rest of the stage.
These pictures do not do it justice... for the staging area is really big!

A carousel dropped from above and there were the
most poetic performers on the poles.
Very romantic and beautiful!

The back ground film changes constantly...
as well as the fore ground.
We did travel thru seasons and to the four corners of the globe.

This was my "boyfriend"!!
Amazing strength with rings high above the ground.

These four brothers from Guinea led the troop of
gymnast.  They were unbelievable!
Aren't they all so buff?
Flipping like I have NEVER seen before!

Four beautiful girls performed in an amazing
aerial fabric performance.
Horse and riders rode in circles holding ends of the fabric
creating the most spectacular magic I have ever seen!

The film online showed water and I kept thinking "Where in the 
world will they put water?"
For the last scene, the entire fore stage is flooded and
the horses are just so grand rushing thru it!

A ring is dropped and trick riders performed some
pretty daring stunts!  All very fluid and so gracefully! 

The end was so very beautiful.

If by chance this show comes to an area near you,
you MUST see it!  It was well worth the ticket prize.

My favorite part was after intermission.
The curtain parted to the horses and their trainers/riders laying
on the ground~  which is incredibly hard to get a horse to do.

The trainers, men and women, then stood and the horses followed.
They started walking, then running with the horses just following along.
Then they would stop on a dime,
and the horses would come to a dead stop right behind them.
You can see from this picture how closely they followed their human!
It was magical!

Sarah, Molly, and Cayden,
Meme hopes to take you to this show some day!
You would love it!!
I did get a DVD with highlights and a backstage pass to 
show you when I get home!!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Molly Carolyn... my brown eyed girl!

On Wednesday night, we had a little pre celebration for 
Molly Carolyn's
My brown eyed girl got herself into some
poison ivy... poor little thing!
She told her mommy the other day...
"Mom, look at my feet.  Don't they look like 5 year olds feet already?"
She is so funny!
I got her a couple bathing suits and a
maxi dress!
She couldn't wait to wear her new bathing suit to 
slip and slide on her new blow up water slide
her Mommy and Daddy gave her a bit early
for her birthday!

These two have so much fun together!


Just look at those chocolate eyes!
She could not be any more precious!