Thursday, March 11, 2010


Really now, could he be any cuter? I took Cayden to Golden Shears, a real man's barber shop. He has had two haircuts in his life. Both at a sissy place called Snip-its. Cayden cried and cried...remember these pictures?
Traumatic to say the least! Well, not today. Today, Cayden was just the best little man. He sat in the barbers chair, amidst all the other men, and proceeded to act like a gentlemen. He talked with Dave, the barber, who cut Uncle Danny and Uncle Tegan's hair when they were just boys, saying yes and no to all Dave's questions. He laughed at, and with, the new barber, Joe. I had wanted to take him there in the first place, but I thought the men would not like to hear a screaming baby, so we went to Snip-its instead. Today, I decided to try it. I wanted to surprise his mommy and daddy with the "real" little boys haircut. The one where it is shaved up the back, just like old school style.

Cayden did not cry or even whimper once.

I wasn't disappointed.

Neither were his mom or dad!!
I know what you are thinking....
That you might have to kill your mother if she took your baby for a haircut without asking...
No worries, Meme knew mommy would think it was a great idea or I never would have done it!!!

Isn't he the sweetest?

You Capture~Quiet

Quiet. shhhh....

Just me and the sunshine.

Just Sarah and her dreams.

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