Friday, May 31, 2013

God Bless America

I am happy Sarah goes to a public school that allowed the 
second graders to paint this...
on their t-shirts for their 2nd Grade Music Performance.

They sang beautiful songs... God Bless America was among them!

They welcomed Veterans!

Sarah and her smiling friends before they took to the stage!
Here they come!

Groups were brought forward to start songs...
giving everyone a starring role!
They made the seals for every armed force and one by one
they came out on stage with the seal and asked veterans
from that branch to please stand to be recognized and then
they sang the anthem for that branch!  I was in tears
as you looked around the room at the men who stood to
receive the honor of these 2nd graders singing their song!

I was amazed they memorized so many songs~ Army, Navy, Marines
Air Force, and Coast Guard.  WOW!

My favorite ...

along with this one...

A heartfelt THANK YOU to all VETERANS from the 
Second Graders!

I am proud of you SARAH ROSE~ you are 

A W E S O M E 

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Still Celebrating!

It was a BIG one after all...
Meigan was out of town welcoming
a new Granddaughter so she celebrated me
last night!!
A favorite dessert...
She is so good to me!
Iphone pictures... ugh~ wish I had my camera!
She is so dear to me!

The Hollar & Swallor group... minus Jim and Kathy~
even sang Happy Birthday to me!

A shot and a wish...

Thanks Meigan, Dennis, Kathy, Gary and Dave...
I may have been over served last night!!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

There is no place like home... even for a few days!!

We had a great time in Florida 
We got to see Roxi and Rick~

   Dave was busy golfing, while I had fun with Roxi as we
galavanted all over Bonita Springs!  It's a rough life at 
Camp Bonita~ dinner out every night, trying to get together with everyone
before they leave for home... wine tasting party's and 
sunset walks on the beach!

We had shutters delivered and Dave put them up~
I just love them!
They make it seem so big in there now!

Our last night, we had dinner with the Donna and Mike~
Dave hates when I take pictures... he says
"Can't you just remember this in your head?"
I was glad Donna took a few~with her phone!

Then we asked out waiter to get one of all of us~

We had a great time and I look forward to fall
when we all get together again!

Before we left, we celebrated Dave's birthday!
Beckie, Sarah, Molly, and I were on hand to sing 
Happy Birthday!

So cheated on the cake.... Thanks Kathy Bacha!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The ART of it all...

I had the pleasure of enjoying Emily Grace's company on afternoon.
She loved painting at my house!
She is quite the little artist!

Western Reserve School had an ART SHOW 
and my little gems each got ribbons!
An artist of the Art Museum actually came in and
gave ribbons to outstanding art work!
I was proud of Molly, who got a First Place on her
beautiful Fish!

Sarah Rose got a First Place for her Dragon!

Tegan and Kelley, along with some friends,
have mastered the ART of date night painting!
Couples work on two pieces that come together to make one 
beautiful masterpiece!
They had so much fun!

Cayden has mastered the ART of catching FROGS!

I met up with Sarah and Molly to do some "secret"
Mothers Day ART work!

Their Mommy loved the finished ART work!

We also made these...
So their Mom could "PICTURE" how much they love her!

Kelley had mastered the ART of the sun flare in photos in this one!
Layla is watching her Papa play baseball!

Layla has mastered the ART of being a fashion queen!
Here's MONK!
She is getting so BIG!

The fine ART of popsicle eating with Uncle Danny
was mastered this weekend!
Funky Komadina wants some of that too!

Mya Brynn has mastered the ART of following her brother
in song and blowing KISSES!... somewhat like the Saturday Night Live skit on
the news with the duo who never know the words to their own songs!!
Mya just keeps looking at Cayden for her next move!

Sweet Layla has mastered the ART of giggling!

I DID have the Happiest of Birthdays!

I am such a true lover of ART...
especially when it involves my little gems and some friends!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Adventures Of Sometime Y ~ starring Molly Carolyn

Molly was my star in her Kindergarten Music Program!

The Adventures of Sometime Y
An Alphabet Adventure!

Molly waiting patiently with all the other 
kindergarten students!
She took the stage with a flair of confidence!
She smiled to her adoring family of fans!
They sang the alphabet
Not so easy to do!
Actions came with each song
some were even signed...
but facial expressions really stole the show!
The Silent Letter E... sneaks up on ya!

Molly had a speaking part!
Here she is with her best friend Gracyn, in blue,
behind her!  The girls did a great job delivering their lines!

X... a spooky little song!
R.E. + X, REX
M.A. + X, MAX
T.A. + X, TAX
The 24th Letter X
You find it at the end of your favorite word,
as long as this is the sound that's heard....

The whole show was PRICELESS!
Molly accepts cudo's from the Vice Principal!

She melts my heart with those chocolate eyes!
She's my brown eyed girl...
Watch for her in the years to come!
You can say " You knew her when....!"