Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Ok, so Dave finds the oatmeal packet with the note...he wonders...umm, I wonder which one of those ladies left this here for me? Funny, isn't he???

She's My... Brown Eyed Girl

Do you remember know the words, sing along!!  Over and over we sing this song and Molly knows the NA NA NA ... part best!!

Molly loves her new luv-luv!  I found this pink ELEPHANT luv-luv (her little blanket she loves to hold while sucking her thumb) in Florida and of course, I had to get it for her!

The view from little ballerina in the making.  Molly wants to be just like her sister Sarah!

Molly is just the sweetest little thing.  She is talking up a storm!  It seems like it was overnight that she just started talking!  It is sometimes hard to understand her but she doesn't give up easily!! She will repeat herself over and over then just grab you and take you where she needs you to be in order to understand what she wants you to give her!!  She is 20 months old...2 in June.  She is really becoming a fun little person to be around!