Monday, August 22, 2011

So Much...

I had SO MUCH fun visiting Mya and Cayden! Mya is just the sweetest little peanut! No crawling yet, she scoots across the floor with her hands while in a seated position! She now has enough hair for a little bow~ she is darling!
I picked them up from their sitters house and Cayden was so happy to see me! We spent hours just talking together! This poor guy is candy to the mosquitos, just look at his munched on face!!
He loves his pirate ship I got him for his birthday!
They like to keep it on the ground with the legs off so Miss Mya can play too! Cayden's little rubber band wrists... Love them!
We went inside to bake a cake for Mya birthday! Cayden is a big helper!
He licks them clean!We celebrated Cayden too since I was not with him on his big day! He is now "free", don't you know!
Oh goodness...
I love this kid!
Mya had a turn too... but we will celebrate again with family next week!
She studied that little piece of cake for a while!
But then dug right into it! Yummy!
Bridget let Cayden just fall asleep on my lap and I just loved the snuggle time with him!
The next morning, Cayden took Mya for a spin in his spiffy little camo car!
He leans forward to hold it in a faster gear!! Hang on Mya Brynn!
Mya loves the pirate ship too!
I spent two nights with my little Wilkinson gems, then headed home on Friday. Anyone who is my friend on Facebook, knows I was "over served" at Meigs on Friday night! There is a lovely picture of me posted there!!

On Sunday, Dave and I took the bunk beds he made over to Sarah Rose! She helped put them together! Her room is newly painted~ the rose wallpaper down, and walls are white now with some chalk board painted panels that will have molding, painted pink, put around them!
Sarah is excited to share with her sister Molly too!
Practice run!
Awesome! Pottery Barns got nothing on Dave!!
"Thanks Papa", says Sarah!
I am stuck inside today~ Look what is going on outside!
New Driveway!
I am missing Danny and Kayla~ the house is so empty with them!